About KEY Coaches

KEY Coaches was born in 2000 for creating a value for the business community via offering coaching and change consultancy and coaching for individuals and leadership teams. We contribute organisations to become resilient community, that are able to adjust to the changes in their environment and to develop optimally functioning systems. We support the understanding,…

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About Terezia

Unlike many people, I like to be challenged. I have learnt – through a few life-changing experiences – that change can be seen as a threat but also as an opportunity. I am passionate to demonstrate the difference in results when one chooses to see it as an opportunity. As an experienced and qualified consultant and leadership coach, in…

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find YOUR way

When was the last time you spent time reflecting on something important to you? Do you want to spend time thinking or reflecting on what you’re learning? If you feel you’re changing in ways you don’t like, then you need time to think about it. Thinking is the place where intelligent action begins. You need…

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