Terezia Koczka

Unlike many people, I like to be challenged. I have learnt – through a few life-changing experiences – that change can be seen as a threat but also as an opportunity. I am passionate to demonstrate the difference in results when one chooses to see it as an opportunity.

As an experienced and qualified consultant and leadership coach, in the last 19 years I have coached more than 250 executives, senior managers and high potentials and their teams. I’ve stood by many individuals and organisations to enjoy significant shifts in direction, shape, culture, performance and behaviour.

I am a passionate life-long learner and change agent.

Coaching for me is an enriching learning process based on partnership. It is the dance of two courageous people, with the advantage of mobilising the best forces of their personalities in order to make a difference in their lives.

What I recommend as a partner to explore inner resources, to sense the often painful but in the end joyful and comforting experience of autonomy and authenticity.

I find interesting to be a round peg in the square hole, the one who sees thing differently.