When was the last time you spent time reflecting on something important to you? Do you want to spend time thinking or reflecting on what you’re learning?

If you feel you’re changing in ways you don’t like, then you need time to think about it. Thinking is the place where intelligent action begins. You need time to think about what you might do and where you might start to change things. You need time to develop clarity and courage to take the first step.

This group is intended to help you gain more understanding of yourself and awareness of your impact on others. You will be a member of a small group of up to 12 people with a facilitator(s), and you will remain in this group throughout.  We will all listen to you. We will give you courage to make your change happen.

The purpose of the group is to foster an increased self-understanding, to aid empowerment for future change and obtain better results in life. The group agrees to work within its own rules of behavior and these may include respect for other members, honesty and strict confidentiality.

You will be asked to commit yourself to a ‘contract’ with other group members, which may include agreements about confidentiality, participation and offering constructive feedback. The facilitator will ensure the psychological safety of every group members, so that you will feel free to share as and when you choose.

By the end of the six sessions you will be open and ready for your next challenge with a big smile on your face – thanks to your new understanding.

Contact us for application form of joining the next group.

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